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Learn how to buy Badass Guitars and Gear

I’m Jeremy the Guitar hunter

Learn how to buy and sell guitars and gear

Find Guitars and Gear

Find Guitars and Gear

Make Friends

Make Friends

Save Money on Gear!

Save Money on Gear!

Great Guitars connect you to

people and to place.

Most people have never played great guitars and gear. If you go to a large guitar chain, you see the same guitars each time but can’t hear what they play like either because they wont let you play them or it’s too loud to hear the guitar over the roar of shredding.I want to teach you how to find badass guitars and gear in real life and discover more about yourself and the music that lives within you.

Check my listings here to see what I have for sale or watch my Youtube channel to learn more about how to buy and sell guitars and gear.

I’ve learned more of who I am and what i can offer the world through Jeremy’s videos. Good things in life are worth the hunt.
— Isaiah, Fairhope, AL
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Tim Fressie said

I have always enjoyed Jeremy Sheppard's Guitar Hunter videos, they inspire me to not settle for an instrument off the walls of a Big Box guitar store. It's not easy to chase, and then find the guitar that's right for you, but Jeremy's tips on where to look and what to have in mind before you start your own "Hunt" proved invaluable.

His videos gave me the confidence to walk into a vintage guitar store and open myself up to the possibilities.

I was discovered by this sweet 1950's Archtop and I have Jeremy to thank.


If you’re a guitar player, you dream of creating music with your guitar.

You want to own guitars that are as cool and inspired as you are, but more often than not, you can’t find the right guitar for you in big box guitar stores. Gone are the days of cool, local guitar stores for most people and it is easy to feel abandoned by the guitar community and uninspired with the lack of options. If you feel uninspired long enough, you might give up.

Great guitars connect you to people and place. They also help you learn more about yourself and help you create music in the world. I want to help you find badass guitars and discover yourself along the way.

I know how hard it is to feel stuck in your playing and your guitars, that’s why I’ve spent 15 years buying and selling guitars. During that time i’ve learned how to find guitars in real life and have developed strategies that help keep you safe, save money and connect with the guitars owners.

If you want to become a Guitar Hunter, you should subscribe to my YouTube Channel. After you’ve subscribed to my videos, you should join our community. Then, with skills and a plan, you will be a Guitar Hunter who fills the world with Music and Friendship.

Stop playing bad guitars that are uninspiring and killing your soul. You can own and play killer guitars, meet rad people along the way and grow as a guitar player.

It’s time to become a Guitar Hunter.

Guitars have a way of revealing who you really are...and the world needs more of that.


The Cost of Being Stuck

Most people who stop playing guitar experience a slow fade. They stop learning new songs and just play songs they’ve learned years ago. But when you’ve played those same songs hundreds of times over a few months or years they begin to annoy you. Because it’s a slow process you don’t notice that you’re playing guitar less and less and before you know it, you’ve stopped playing at all.

Great guitars connect you to people and to place. You don’t have to be stuck. You can learn new riffs and songs and you can find great guitars along the way that will inspire you to try new music and styles of playing.

You can discover deep and meaningful truths about yourself through great guitars and gear. As music fills you up, friendships form around music and creativity.

It’s time to become a Guitar Hunter.